Heyman & Holmberg | Etabl. 1909

    Precontraint 611

    611 is a residual paste pvc of 630gsm. which is very affordable. 611 is an affordable and good weave. båttäckning. Available in green and gray. Precontraint - is French and means stretched. Serge Ferrari is alone in the world of stretching the ground fabric before it is coated with PVC. The result is a PVC that does not stretch, and that the wear surface becomes completely even over the entire surface. But can thus use a lighter PVC from Serge Ferrari and get the same results regarding wear surface as a significantly heavier PVC without stretching. Width 270 cm

    611-050             Precontraint 611 - 630 gram Green 270 cm
    611-363             Precontraint 611 - 630 gram Grey   270 cm

    Tarpaulins etc.