Heyman & Holmberg | Etabl. 1909

    We provide the nordic cover makers with marine fabrics and accessories of the highest quality.


    We are Heyman & Holmberg

    Heyman & Holmberg AB is a family owned textile agency founded in 1909 and now run by the third generation. The business has previously focused on home textiles. At present, the business is a pure distributor in the marine industry and represents several leading brands such as Recasens, Paskal (PK), Serge Ferrari, Makefast, Loxx, 3M, Achilles, Renolit, Vico Marin and Dot fastners. Since 2009, Heyman & Holmberg, Recasens S.A. marine range in the Nordic countries. Inventory and distribution is from Västra Frölunda. The coat's coated acrylic fabric Rec system is used by several shipyards in Europe as well as Swedish yards through major Swedish chaplains such as Marin & Industrisömnad, Rössy Kapell, Eliassons Sail & Chapel. Nimbus, Hallberg & Rassy, ​​Brig, Ryds, Malö Yachts, Najad, Micore and others. Welcome!

    Vi säljer endast till företag

    Heyman & Holmberg säljer inte direkt till privatpersoner. Kontakta din lokala butik eller kapellmakare om du är intresserad av våra produkter.