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    Nautimar PVC-Cloth


    Nautimar PVC-Cloth

    Nautimar is made of a durable polyester base that is coated with PVC coating on one side. Nautimar is completely waterproof, keeps the color and very easy to work with. Nautimar stays stable for a long time without being affected by temperature differences. The PVC-coated side is also embossed with so-called. embossing to achieve a stylish and elegant finish. Nautimar is the ideal solution for harbor chapels, boat covers and flybridge. Nautimar is available in the four colors below with a width of 220 cm. In width 150 cm only  Pearl Grey. Other colors are custom products.


    Nautimar, 220 cm R-097 Snow White 

    R-564  Nautimar, 220 cm R-564 Pearl Grey 
    R-195 Nautimar, 220 cm R-195 Navy
    R-090 Nautimar, 220 cm R-090 Black


    Boom covers, winter cover, seat covers and dashboard, etc.

    Width: 220 cm, 150 cm

    Material: Polyester H.T. 280 dtex

    Weight: 330 g/m2

    Construction: varp: 16 veft: 16

    Tensile strength: varp: 140 kg/5cm veft: 130 kg/5cm

    Tear strengthvarp: 10 kg veft: 9 kg

    Coating: PVC på en sida

    Finish: Embossed on one side

    Length: 60 meter

    5 years warrenty