Heyman & Holmberg | Etabl. 1909

    Decorline Waterproof

    Decorline Waterproof

    Recacril DecorLine Waterproof is a 300gram / m2 upholstery fabric that is waterproof and durable. The same cloth as the well-known Decorline with a polyurethane coating makes this the ultimate weave for your boat or garden upholstery. 152cm wide
    RECacril® Decorline Waterproof fabric is made from 100% solution dyed acrylic which gives the highest possible color fastness. The fabric is very resistant to UV rays, salt, water. The quilt is also dirt, grease and oil repellent.  > 40,000 Martindale.


    Recacril DecorLine Waterproof, 152 cm RW-099 White

    RW-327 Recacril DecorLine Waterproof, 152 cm RW-327 Natural 
    RW-174 Recacril DecorLine Waterproof, 152 cm RW-174 Navy 

    Recacril DecorLine Waterproof, 152 cm RW-164 Charcoal Grey 

    RW-103 Recacril DecorLine Waterproof, 152 cm RW-103 Black
    Chairs, boat pads and pillows.

    Brushing the fabric regularly, bird's dirt is brushed off as soon as possible.
    In order not to damage the impregnation, wash the fabric with lukewarm fresh water (max. 30 °). Use a soft brush or sponge. Use mild soap solution and plenty of water and then allow the chapel to air dry.
    Use 12% vinegar in the last rinse water to neutralize soap residue.
    High pressure cleaning and chemical washing can damage the fabric.