Heyman & Holmberg | Etabl. 1909

    Precontraint 505

    The 505 is a UV-resistant all-round pvc of only 560 gsm, suitable for press openings, sun seals, halls and many more applications. Precontraint - is French and means stretched. Serge Ferrari is alone in the world of stretching the ground fabric before it is coated with PVC. The result is a PVC that does not stretch, and that the wear surface becomes completely even over the entire surface. But can thus use a lighter PVC from Serge Ferrari and get the same results regarding wear surface as a significantly heavier PVC without stretching. Width 270 cm



    N505-1071 Precontraint N505 - 560 gram Grey 270 cm
    N505-1075 Precontraint N505 - 560 gram Black 270 cm
    N505-1051 Precontraint N505 - 560 gram Blue 270 cm 
    N505-1055 Precontraint N505 - 560 gram Green 270 cm


    Tarpaulin, sun visor, halls

    Yarn 1100 dtex PES HT
    Weight 560 g/m2
    Standard format length 50 lm - 500 lm
    Coating at top of yarns = guaranteed durability 225 microns
    Tensile strength (warp/weft) 220/220 daN/5 cm
    Tear strength (warp/weft) 20/20 daN
    Adhesion 8/8 daN/5 cm
    Finish Varnish both sides
    Cold resistance
    Heat resistance
    - 30°C
    + 70°