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    Founded in Barcelona in 1889, Recasens is one of the world's leading manufacturers and innovators in modern textiles. In Sweden, fabrics from Recasens are used by, among others, Marin & Industrisömnad, Rössy Kapell and Eliassons Segel & Kapell, which produce series for several Swedish boat yards. Their different chapel fabrics have the same basic fiber, which makes them easy to color match.

    Serge Ferrari

    Serge Ferrari is a market leader in PVC fabric and offers solutions for a variety of applications. In addition to being a market reference in sun protection, we have made a name for ourselves in areas such as textile architecture, textile facades and acoustic solutions. Serge Ferrari's technology offers an alternative to more traditional materials such as acrylic. Whether you prefer a sailing boat, a yacht or an inflatable inflatable boat, the fabrics in the Stamoid series can handle all the challenges of boating. Serge Ferrari protects your equipment from sun, water and rainfall.