Heyman & Holmberg | Etabl. 1909



    Form-stable canvas fabric in 100% spin-colored acrylic for maximum color fastness.

    The Recasens REC system is the standard fabric of several of Europe's leading boat manufacturers. In Sweden, RECsystem canvas is used by, among others, Marin & Industrisömnad, Rössy Kapell & Eliassons Segel & Kapell, who produce series for several Swedish boat yards. The fabric is made of 100% spundyed acrylic for maximum color fastness. The fabric has a coating that is a combination of acrylic and PU which gives a high shape stability. The tissue is treated against rot, insects and bacterial infestation. • Available in 18 colors. • Also available as uncoated fabric and is then called Recacril. Rec system, Recacril and Decorline dune weave have the same basic fiber which provides perfect color matching between them.

    Covers, sprayhood, biminitop, balcony protection etc.

    Width 152 cm

    Material 100% Soloution dyed acrylic

    Weight 325 g/m²

    Construction varp: 31,5 veft: 14

    Water column >1000 mm

    Tensile strength varp: 155 kg/5cm veft: 90 kg/5cm

    Tear strength varp: 5, veft: 4

    Colour fastness 7-8 på en 8-gradig skala

    Coating Flourcarbon on both sides, acrylic coating / PU on the inside

    Water repellency > 4

    Oil repellency > 4

    UV protection Optimal protection against dangerous ultraviolet radiation (UPF 90+)

    60 meter / Roll

    Warranty The fabric has a 5 year guarantee against rot, mold and discoloration under normal conditions

    Mold, dirt, rust & stain resistant


    Brushing the fabric regularly, bird's dirt is brushed off as soon as possible.
    In order not to damage the impregnation, wash the fabric with lukewarm fresh water (max. 30 °). Use a soft brush or sponge. Use mild soap solution and plenty of water and then allow the chapel to air dry.
    Use 12% vinegar in the last rinse water to neutralize soap residue.
    High pressure cleaning and chemical washing can damage the fabric.